Finally a Skills-First
Job Experience Platform
Those piles of resumes and cover letters are gone. Find a job and hire candidates based on proven skills alone.
Need new employees?
Interview only the people who can do the job. Choose from an untapped pool of candidates who proved they have what it takes.
Need a job?
Show off your skills and make sure you get the right job that fits you. Don’t waste your time sending resumes for the wrong employer. Make yourself shine.
How does it work?
Interactive Pre-Recruitment Simulations
Our ground-breaking method allows candidates a real-world work experience for the job you are hiring for. No surprises! What you see is what you get.
Focusing on Skills and Strengths
A new way of thinking to identify talent and fit for a job, offering more diversity and inclusion.
Creating a Skillset Match Index
Skillset's algorithm automatically singles out talented candidates, based only on what's important.
Everyone Wins!
Be in control throughout the process! Receive immediate results, get online support, and save time. This is the new normal.

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