SKILLSET is changing recruiting process for people with disability

Better quality placement

increased success rate

Accelerate people with disability employment into work


On-line simulation test : job analysis-based

Market place for jobs & skills

Machine learning & AI



SKILLSET combines advanced technology and a job analysis questionnaire, to provide the candidate with practical and accessible tests, which simulate the tasks required in a specific job.

Our smart algorithm- uses machine learning and AI to analyze and measure the candidates' performance online, and to create a unique SKILLSET profile which predicts the candidate's ability to perform the tasks required for a given job and their fit for the job environment.

Can experience the day to day requirements of a specific job, through practical simulations, and may apply to applicable positions accordingly.

The candidate

Has access to a pool of "fit to purpose" candidates, translated into increased success rate & reduced churn rate.

The employer


 15 years of practice in vocational rehabilitation services, led us to the understanding that one of the main obstacles  for people with disabilities into the workforce, is their recruiting process.  Candidates with disability will go through the same standard set of tests and interviews, carried by people who are not experts, nor sufficiently knowledgeable in the field of disability.

Furthermore,  stigmas have fundamental impact on the process, leading to mutual uncertainty and concern, for both the candidate and the employer, and which translates to a job mismatch, and costly, time consuming process, for both the employer and the candidate.


"Best fit" placement
Cost effective
Meet compliance standards
 Social Impact


Co-Founder & CEO

B.OT, M.A: Labor studies 

Project Management of Vocational Rehabilitation services for people with disabilities

Mor Panfil


2 decades of software development for startups

Life Coach

Tomer Raz

Co-Founder & CPO

B.OT, MsOT: Occupational Therapist

Experts in Career Development and Vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities

Maya Huber



SKILLSET is a unique platform which classifies working skills of candidates with disabilities.It creates reliable profiles, which predicts a candidate ability to perform the tasks required for a given job.


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