A vision brought to life from years of field experience

Skillset's story began after years of experience working mainly with diverse job seekers in the HR Industry.

Our founders, Maya Huber and Mor Penfil, have led some of the largest projects in Israel designed to increase inclusion of people with disabilities and other marginalized populations in the job force.

Over the years they have met with employers and job seekers and identified that the screening processes are one of the major sources for gaps and failures. They found that these processes fail to predict successful hiring and exclude large populations from expressing their abilities. The result is frustration, and wasting time and money for both businesses and job seekers.

Skillset is the new job matching standard.
Objective. Transparent. Inclusive.

The Team

Nir Familier
Experienced CTO & VP R&D. More than 20 years of experience.
Mor Panfil
Co-Founder & COO
An experienced COO, a certified B.OT, holds an M.A in Labor Studies
Maya Huber
Co-Founder & CEO
A PhD candidate, occupational therapist and expert in career development of diverse populations

Our partners

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