A Game Changing Method
of Hiring & Job Seeking
No more storytelling or long resumes - Skillset's technology connects the best employees with the best employers, based on proven skills.
Job Seeker
Focus on what really matters and hire the best employee for the job. There are no surprises, only proven skills
Looking for work?
It's time to show you are better than just written words on a resume and prove how talented you are
How it's done
Interactive Pre-Recruitment Simulations
Our ground-breaking method allows experiencing / practicing the job as in reality. No surprises! What you see is what you get.
Focusing on skills and strengths
A new practice of identifying talent and suitability for the job, offering diversity and inclusion.
Creating a Skillset's match index
Skillset's algorithm automatically singles out talented candidates, based only on what's important.
Everyone profits!
Be in control throughout the process! Receive immediate results, get online support, and save time. This is the new standard
Experiencing the simulation helps to understand if the role is really a good fit and there are also good surprises.

Denis Garcia, Chicago, IL
Skillset is able to ask me exactly the right questions to identify what I need. It helps me make accurate decisions and understand what is expected of me.

Jasmine Sing, NYC, NY
Skillset helped me understand what the candidate is really capable of doing and what's his expected learning curve - this makes the recruitment process so much more efficient.

Rose Brown, Recruitment Manager, Dallas, TX

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