We are here to change the way people are valuated into work.


An idea born

of a vision

mor and maya, the co-founder of skillset established skillset after years of practical work and research in the field of supported employment for diverse populations. The team established and run couple of the main Government Services of vocational rehabilitation in israel. Over the years, they have met with numerous employers and job seekers and identified that one of the gaps and failures lies in the screening process, which does not predict placement success and excludes large populations from truly showing their capabilities.

The result is frustration, trust issues and a waste of time and money for both sides. this fostering reality was a call to action for the founders, to find an innovative solution in order to make more inclusive workmarket.  

combining a technology solution with grounded theory and practice.

 Skillset replaces the traditional resume with an instant and fast online process that evaluates the parameters for predicting success, in which anyone can showcase his or her abilities without hiding behind a dull resume

Skillset makes the recruitment process efficient and equitable

The Team

Ravit Harari

Tomer Raz

Maya Huber

Mor Panfil

Co-Founder & CEO

Phd candidte, 
Occupational therapist
Expert in career development 
of diverse populations

Co-Founder & COO

B.OT, M.A. Labor Studies
  Experienced CEO for Social Impact companies

Data Analyst & Programmer


Computer scientist
17 years of web & software

development ltd

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