TikTok's New Job Application Platform - Hit or Miss?


TikTok is introducing a new feature (still in beta) – TikTok Résumés

It allows you to send your job application directly through the app. And you can imagine we obviously have a lot to say about it. 


While the advantages of sending your resume via TikTok (or any social media platform for that matter) are pretty obvious – no need to send and edit pages of CVs and cover letters and go through the tedious process of job hunting, as well as showing your personality in a way that can never leave the page otherwise, there are some major drawbacks in this method.


A great article by Mic is unfolding it in a clever way, while bringing up some crucial points. 


“TikTok Résumés could also pose a challenge for people of color, certain religious groups, individuals with accents, older professionals, and those with disabilities.” 

– Basically, instead of an opportunity, this new platform becomes an obstacle. The core value that we were set up to drastically change is to abolish irrelevant social differences, that lead to unjust biases, and to employment discrimination. Not to mention the fact that some people are not such video experts, or don’t feel as confident in front of the camera. This is exactly how the vicious circle of recruiting continues to exist: people from marginalized groups are either rejected, or not sending their resumes at all (especially in videos) and missing out on great jobs all the time. And on the other side of that circle are the employers who are constantly losing valid candidates.  

This feature is for a very specific demographic: People who want to share their entire vibe rather than a few key work accomplishments.” 

– Do you want the people who work for you to have good VIBES? sure, but more so, you want skillful people who can push your business forward. Sharing work accomplishments is not a measurable attribute either, it’s just something you write and says little about the skills you own. 


“Résumés get a bad rap for being boring, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In other words, you can add color and spice to your résumé without meme-ifying it or oversharing.”

– How about before all the color and spice talk, we have a system that shows what the person is actually worth? Before the interview, before they even apply, before you see their personality, you can assess their work-related abilities. This way you really won’t miss all those talented people who didn’t send you a TikTok application, or their ‘boring’ CV. It sounds farfetched, but actually, not to brag, that’s precisely what we do. 

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