What is a Zero Frustration Standard in Job Landing and Hiring?

 skillset-admin   /  10/21/2021

Perfection is rare. However, creating ZERO frustration in the process of landing a job is a key purpose to strive for.

When we look at job seekers and the process they go through to finally get that interview and eventually land the job, we see so much frustration. And amazingly, it can all be avoided.

First, we can just remove that HUGE overbearing chunk of resumes from the equation. The time consuming, tedious task of rewriting resumes over and over again, adapting it accordingly with the desired position and sending it to a recruiter who will only take a quick glance at it, is just unreasonable.

And what about that cover letter? Job seekers spend between 1 to 2 hours writing a cover letter, trying to impress strangers, with a letter that ultimately says very little about them or their actual skills.

The frustration before even applying is massive. Using our platform, a significant frustration factor is eliminated thanks to excluding these two major players in a job seeking process.

Other than saving valuable time, excluding resumes and cover letters is opening an important door to inclusion and equality. In the platform there is no place for biases, stereotypes or prejudice. Your skills alone are being assessed, nothing else.

And what about the job itself? We have a tendency to apply for the roles we think we are capable of, and overlook other positions. Our platform can offer job prospects that you didn’t think about, but can basically fit a person perfectly according to your skills.

Finally, no more spray and pray. No more uncertainty on why you got those rejections, and why someone else was chosen over you. Our platform gives feedback. Yes, that crucial element of improving and learning is something we got used to not having, but it makes the frustration more profound. So why not get it?

Our Zero Frustration Standard is the system that works to guarantee smooth sailing in finding your next job. And we stand behind it for every single job candidate.

What is Skillset’s Zero Frustration Standard when it comes to employers?

When marketing and selling a product that will change the future of work, there are core values that we make sure we follow to guarantee the best experience and outcome. When thinking about what it is we have to offer to businesses and their HR teams, we can’t help but set our Zero Frustration Standard.

The major frustration reducer element of the process is the grandest change it holds – since CVs are out of the equation, there is no need to go over hundreds of CVs of ill fitting or irrelevant candidates. From the get go, the HR team will receive an untapped pool of valid candidates, who completed a job simulation with flying colors and got graded by an AI system that objectively assessed their performances. Now the HR team can go directly to a dreamy untapped pool and pick and choose whoever they decide to interview. They really don’t have to waste all their time talking to so many irrelevant candidates. Not to mention how it cuts down HR team fatigue and improves company morale, both in the short and long term view.

In addition to a massive reduction in time per hire, the employer also benefits from a reduction of 25% (!) of their cost per hire spent in a traditional hiring process. The spending that was regularly allocated to market the job and mostly to pay for the many hours of a recruiter who has to go over those countless CVs, is out of the picture.

A candidate goes through a lot of hustle until they end up in front of the interviewers chair. They have to wait until someone sees their CVs, then decides whether or not they will get an interview, maybe have another interview, and they get to a point where their interest in a job they first saw as shiny and exciting is drastically low.

When they use a job experience simulation, they get a taste of the position early on in the process, they know what they are entering, and the rapid hiring process keeps them in the game much longer. The platform ultimately simplifies the grueling recruitment process and turns it into an easy 3-steps method, completed before the initial interview. In fact, employees who came using the platform have a 20% better retention rate and reduce high placement dropout rates known to occur within the first 90 days.

When using a performance assessment platform that helps you see those who can DO the job, and not those who have the nicest CVs, the natural movement that occurs is a diverse and inclusive workplace. When it comes to numbers, we are talking about 25% higher diverse employment, shifting all common biases and regular stereotypes out of the measure.

And what about all those people that a company is having so much trouble finding, and can be as valuable as anyone else while adding much desired diversity?

Those people consist of 2 groups, and both of those groups are attainable only using the Skillset platform (or by knocking on the doors of 27M people in the US who fit that category). First, under-represented populations with underqualified CVs – underprivileged populations, juniors and inexperienced individuals in the midst of career transition.

The other group is all about job mobility. This is a group of people who applied for a particular job, but doing the simulation, they figured out they can apply for other jobs.

Ultimately, the platform does not fall into biases and stereotypes, it only sees the skills behind the person. And this is really the best way to hire a diverse, qualified and effective team.

Cutting to the chase, the bullshit is gone. The process becomes fast, smart and objective, while the benefits are immense for both sides, and truly, there is no reason to go back to old school recruiting when the frustration and bullshit are reduced to zero.

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